Embossed Signs

By - SpmScioto
10-11-22 12:02 PM

Stamping the metal sign creates a stronger more attractive product

Stamping the metal sign raises specific parts of your artwork. This makes the sign stronger and more attractive. There are 2 types of embossing. 

Soft embossing generally is used for larger signs to create a pillow-like appearance. Although our standard soft embossing involves 1 level of raised artwork, we can also create double level emboss tooling. For soft emboss plates we use HDF and carve out the material using a CNC router. 

Sharp embossing is generally used for smaller nameplates and finer detailed artwork. when stamped, it creates a very crisp or sharp edge on the artwork that is raised.  For sharp emboss plates we use magnesium and carve out the material using a CNC router.