Need Custom Signs?

Scioto Signs is a custom screen-printer and metal fabricator. We are able to produce a wide variety of products with many options to create more visual impact and strength to our products. Below is a quote request form that will give us an idea of the type of sign you're looking for so we can send an accurate quote. If you have any questions please email

Pantone Color Match
Pantone Color Matching

-If you plan on submitting electronic artwork to Scioto Signs, here are a few things to keep in mind. Our Art Department accepts a wide variety of electronic files for both PC and Macintosh platforms. However, the best format to save your files is an Ai or EPS file from either Illustrator, Freehand, or Corel Draw. With four-color process files, please be sure to submit a high resolution file that is equal or greater than 150 dpi at 100% full-size. If you are going to submit a file where the image is smaller than the size you want us to produce, the file resolution must be much higher. Please feel free to call the Art Department for more information. Please outline & embed all fonts and images. 

-PMS stands for Pantone Matching System and is known as the standard for color identification in the graphics industry. If you know the PMS numbers needed for your designs, we guarantee that we’ll match it for the production of your signs. If you don’t know the PMS number, we can supply you with standard color chips or we can match the color you supply.

-To give your signs an extra gloss & luster, Scioto Signs applies a varnish coat after the product has been printed. This makes the sign much more attractive and adds some additional protection against color fading